Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Report

Specially dedicated to my buddy, unodiosa. Because she helped me to get the ticket for this show :D

First thing first, I need to apologize for any BIAS-ness in this and also if what I write here not too accurate or comprehensive (?) caused I had the worst concert experience yesterday because of vertigo and breathing difficulty.
OH YEAH what a way to enjoy a concert! #sarcastic

AND I'm being honest with all the things I write down here..

SO we (me and my friend) came at around 10.30 and because the ticket box not yet open, so we stood on merchandise line. Luckily we only need to queue for half an hour. (and yes, unodiosa dear, we bought you an official fanlight!) and after that we went to the ticket box outside the ABC (Ancol Beach City). Did you know that ABC is not even finished yet? so construction dusts were everywhere. and the heat! OMG I couldn't stand it.. the wind even though strong was no help to cool ourselves down.

Once we arrived at the ticket box outside, we asked the security guard whether online sales can exchange voucher there, they said there was a dedicated booth for that on the inside near the merchandise booth. So we went back inside. Once inside, the crew said that we should go outside to exchange the voucher. OMIGOD! We went outside again and once again the security outside said that we have to go inside. I've got really pissed at this, then I don't know how my friend finally asked the right crew (some kind of high level crew, I guess) then he told us that the online sales booth is not yet open, and he even showed us where the online sales exchange booth will be before he bid goodbye. (THANK YOU mister, you just save MEIS from being burned down by me! LOL)

Then we ate lunch then exchanged the ticket. There was still around 5 hours until the gate open.. So we decided to sit at Bengawan Solo coffee. For the sake to not get bored, we decided to explore Ancol, we go to Bandar Jakarta then stay at Kopiduk (a cafe) until around 3 then we walked from there to MEIS. OMG that's fucking tiring T_T

Once arrived, we saw that people already queuing outside the gate, but since I'm such a lazy-bum so I asked my friend if we could sit at a cafe near the gate and just wait until 6PM. We experienced a pretty bad service at that cafe *sigh*, but oh well the food was good. >.<

We started to queue at around 6PM, and there was no clear line for each section. You just stand there, and it was super hectic! I almost die of suffocation in the middle of the queue. But in the end, they separated my section so we got to enter the stadium. OH it still an unfinished building anyway, so dust everywhere and the floor was not even smooth and I tripped couple of times -______-"

Once inside, I feel like punching the ABABIL seated behind me. They screamed like crazy and that hurts my ears! People keep on screaming though nothing really happening onstage! I don't know what's up with them *sigh*

Between 7.30-8PM the concert started. #I'm not checking my watch
This is where my report begin..

First song Superman, ofc.. Followed by Opera. Both song got super hip stage just like the one on SS4 abroad with water fountains and moving stage. This stage was one of the thing I looked forward. Oh well, I came to see the stage effect anyway. HAHA.
Oh IMO they did sing live. though Ryeowook voice was a bit shaky here. Poor him.

Next is A Man in Love, the dance a bit not in sync at the beginning. *shakes head*
Donghae look a bit pale,maybe he's sick or just plain tired.
Yesung voice here was awesome!
Eunhae moment here. Hae caressed Hyuk's cheek with his hand. And ALL the fans screaming super loud. #me? no worries, I saved up my voice for EXO
VCR Bonamana, with people drying water on the stage. LOL. I found this entertaining. I paid my attention more to the people than the VCR. :D

Bonamana Remix. All in black suit with fireworks
at the end (only for a couple of seconds, literally). (--.)"

Followed with Ment introduction. (I only wrote what they said in Indonesian though)
Shindong said apa kabar and hatur nuhun.
Ryeowook said nama saya Ryeowook, saya mencintai kalian
Nama saya Sungmin.
Euhnyuk said apa kabar, nama saya Eunhyuk
Yesung said apa kabar, nama saya Yesung
Apa kabar, nama saya Donghae.
Apa kabar, nama saya Siwon. Terimakasih.
Apa kabar, nama saya Kyuhyun. Terimakasih.
Apa kabar Indonesia, benar-benar terimakasih. Nama saya Leeteuk. Saya suka Indonesia gadis. *I feel like teaching him proper Indonesian language

Endless Love was next. Donghae super cute here though poor him and his eyebag! Siwon looked super hot. Kyuhyun's voice somehow sounded super awesome here (BIAS much?). Min and Wook sat down together and swayed their bodies left to right. Their harmonization here is pretty much surprised me in a good way. Ofc, it's KRY harmonization anyway..

Wonder Boys. Donghae blow kisses to the audience. LOL
There is KyuHae moment (BIAS much?). Hae slung his arms over Kyu and they sing together like that. :3

Rokkugo comes next. Hyuk was rapping in a chicken pose. Kyu's voice is so bold here, very powerful.

VCR with a super duper LOL translation.. Indonesian sub somehow looks weird to me. Haha. I was LOLing at the translation. But Kyuhyun looked oh so handsome here (BIAS). The VCR was taken during SMTOWN New York. It was well taken. My friend said that the VCR was not played on SS4 SG.

Next is Walkin'. Super cute with bicycles flying. And sungmin is cute like a kid here when he's flying on stage. OH YEAH the stage effect is what I wanted to see :p
Yesung's voice a bit rough here, he needs to drink I think. And Siwon's jacket has weird color and pattern. He should picked other clothes really.. *shakes head*
They cut the song halfway. The members were talking and playing around, though I don't think anyone understand what they actually said. LOL
After they resume the song, but they sang the wrong part. LOL :P
And Donghae's jacket is super awesome. I want one.
Ryeowook voice doesn't sound too good here. It's like someone play with the mixer that his voice came out strange.. Donghae being cute by running on the spot beside Ryeowook when he was singing his part. 
Kyu, when he was attacked by bird, is super cute. Luckily no bird was injured LOL.

Exo-M.. Chen voice is awesome! Feels like dying listening to his voice. Luhan is good too. And Lay is handsome!! Tao is so cool with the rolling flip. Oh how I love him!
They sang Mama. The performance sure is awesome.

Huge jewel appeared on stage *SNSD much (?)*
Oh well, pretty easy to guess that it was Eunhyuk solo, Say My Name.
He did some rap with Indonesian translation on screen which made me LOLing again. He's so cool when rapping though.
And I love his hat, just because it looks cute. #lose focus
He said that at first he was not sure to buy that hat or not, but in the end he bought that because it was made in Indonesia then he showed the label 'Made in Indonesia' to the camera.
And his dance is super cool. Indeed, Eunhyuk is the dancing machine.

Kyu's performance, Isn't She Lovely.. He wore different outfit, different than other SS4 I mean.
And he wore weird color pants. OMG!
His voice is AWESOME. And his keyboard and harmonica skill pretty much surprised me. His nose is asdkasjhfks. #lose focus and became incoherent
Konglish pronunciation. LOL. What I hate the most was the mic went dead in the middle of his performance even though we could still hear his voice. Poor Kyuhyun..

Ryeowook solo, Moves Like Jagger. His voice definitely better than before. He wore red blazer which IMO actually looks good on him. People are screaming super loud during his sexy dance with the female dancer.
Leeteuk solo, SHE. Piano and saxophone part was awesome.
That's the part I actually enjoyed the most. As usual he gave roses out. He came to one superfest section to give it to one lucky fans. He sounded good when singing in low notes, even better than the high notes. He should really got a part where he sing in low notes.

Shindong solo. Vidi's song "Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi". He danced to this song which IMHO really good. I like his dance interpretation of the song. While dancing he mouthed each word of the song..

VCR Good Friends

Good Friends performance. Donghae being cute in his Charlie Chaplin outfit. Kyu looks extremely weird and Min is SUPER pretty. Yesung being creepy just by standing there. Poor ryeowook and his gollum costume, he looks disturbed with his own costume. No comment on Leeteuk in Hulk Hogan costume, cause it's just plain weird. Siwon being Siwon. Shindong and the Britney costume LOL! Eunhyuk and weird bird costume coming out of a box. IDE.. *shakes head*

Pajama Party comes next. Still with all that weird costumes. Kyu sang while eating apple so he looked like a hamster with food inside his puffy cheeks. Donghae put his moustache to Shindong's face. Hae and Won abuse Min onstage, they try to lift his skirt and see his underwear. Kyu threw his apples away to fans.

VCR Hockey.

Feels Good. Interesting performance combined with the background imagery. The dance is so so, but I still found it interesting.

A-cha. Hae caressed Kyu's cheek with his hand and the fans all screamed like crazy. Definitely made your ears hurt!

VCR Mr Simple.

Mr. Simple with omg that freaky lighty blazer! /le me dies
Kyu's voice sound awesome. Sungmin and Ryeowook sounds weird here,like their voice were change into chipmunk voice. Or is it just my imagination? Or did they usually have that chipmunk voice?

Don't Don. Donghae super handsome here. Still Ryeowook's voice sounded weird but Sungmin sounded awesome here though. Kyu's part is just left me amazed (BIAS).

Exo-M History. OMG! I wanna take them all home. Hiihi. And I'm glad that everyone supported Exo-M unlike the black sea at day one. GO EXO-M!

Min solo, One in a million. Voice good. Awesome dance moves. And his chest in that freaking white shirt looks very well build. Though he still looks chubby :D

Yesung solo, I don't know the tittle of his song T_T. Good voice. Good clothes. End of story.
I love his performance very much. He almost cried during his performance. So fans all screamed not too cry. I guess, he's just tired or felt touch by the fan cheer (?).

VCR Oppa Oppa

Oppa oppa with blaster suits. The stripy red and black one. Very lively, but poor dancers.. the stage hasn't been dried from water yet, so the dancers were very careful with their moves. I love this song. And they hug also hold hands and aahhh
happy fangirl is just happy. End of story. Haha

VCR Storm

Storm. Awesome song though seems that they already tired that their voice started to crack. Kyu and Yesung couldn't show perfect notes here.

Ment You and I
Donghae being shy to show the steps for You and I after 2 moves that he shoved Eunhyuk to do it instead and he hides behind other members. *Why you're being so cute?
Kyu did heart sign while doing abracadabra dance move. SUPER LOL. Sungmin is hot. Haha.
You and I. They did the heart signs and walked around the stage waving to fans.

Lovely Day. Awesome remix. Min's voice sound awesome here. So did Kyu. Yesung voice is just awwww and he did V sign while singing.
And there is VCR about their old days,while fans sang the song.
And Yesung part in the middle of the song just left me speechless.
And they did group hug.. One group consists of Sung, Wook, Hyuk, and Hae. The other group is Kyu, Min, Teuk, Won, and Dong.
And Kyu last last note is just oh wow.
Long break,fans started to scream 'we want more' which made me want to slapped them hard in the face. I mean, you didn't have to scream cause you know very well that they will appear on stage again. -______-"

VCR Doremi. This is super LOL.

Doremi song. They lipsync here. They just randomly play around and Shindong carried siwon then dropped him to the floor.

Dancing Out. Min took the camera and took photos of other members. Kyuhae moment, Hae backhugged Kyu and they jumped together like that. Then Kyu lift Hae while Hae was singing his part. Cute fanservice since I like them both!

Miracle Remix. While singing the 1st part,Kyu covered his eyes with his hand. Kyuwon moment, Kyu hug Won while singing. Then Eunhae moment as well! Yesung looks like he's gonna cry again. Poor Yesungie!

Kyu said he remembered that some IndoELF also came to SS4 in SG, so he's happy that he can finally perform in front of IndoELF in Indonesia. Then he said terimakasih.
Shindong said hatur nuhun. I guess he really like this word.
Yesung sang It Has To Be You. OH his voice!
Ryeowook fiddling with paper and read what he wanted to say in Indonesia from that paper. He then said aku mencintai kalian.
Eunhyuk used his solo 'Say My Name' then he said thanks and I didn't really pay attention as to what he said. >.<
Donghae looks like he's gonna cry..
Siwon said stuff in English, but it's not too clear for me to hear him properly.
Min said he will do more concert in Indonesia to pay for our love.
Teuk said cheesy stuff about loving them even after 10,20 years from now.

Destiny Korean version. Kyu's voice was left me speechless. Donghae just handsome, I want to kidnap him badly. Hae hug Min during the song maybe he did that to hide his tears (?). Then at the end of song, Hae gave a 90 degree bow and blow kisses.
They did a final bow with dancers and EXO-M. And Kris spoke in English! though I'm too giddy to comprehend what he said. LOL.
Then they play rock paper scissor to decide who will got sprayed with water. And Siwon lose to Teuk in the end. He stripped himself on stage and his abs is just OMG. But you know you got tired to see that after all those times he showed it.
In the end, Teuk immediately ran backstage. And Donghae, Min, Hyuk did the thumbs up thing they always did. Then min ran backstage and Eunhae slung arms over one another then said 'Indonesia'
Oh well.. I'm too tired and too sleepy to wrote down what happened at the end of the concert, so that's only what I remembered. So there might be some mistake on the sequences of the event. LOL.
My friend said she's really satisfied with the concert. For me, since I'm not excited anymore to see them, I will said somewhat I feel dissatisfied, not because of them though.
And yeah, no worries, I'm not falling for their charm.. What I wrote there was mostly honest opinions from an objective view, just that any mentions of Kyuhyun definitely not objective. LOL
OH and did you know? KYU, HAE and WON got the most fans in Indonesia, I see.. 
And after one of the song, balloons started to fall from the ceiling, and Kyuhyun took one of the balloon and waving frantically to everyone with balloon on his hand. BABY MUCH, don't you think?

This was the thing that I could remember so far.. And yes, I even have time to write down performances on my phone. #is it just me whose weird or what?
Maybe I should really applied for the SS4 journalist position -____-" #REGRET

Hope you enjoy my report!

PS. Seriously I'm dead tired and no, I'm not falling for their charm. I even got new theories that they're just a bunch of robots taking human form.. LOL

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cell Phone Use May Fight Alzheimer's, Mouse Study Says

just read, and I found this interesting article

After years of speculation that cell phones may harm your brain, new research suggests they may actually fight Alzheimer's disease.

Yes, you heard right.

Microwave radiation from cell phones may protect against and even reverse Alzheimer's-like symptoms, according to a new study involving genetically tweaked mice.

The results were so surprising that study co-author Juan Sanchez-Ramos didn't believe them at first.

"It's such a dramatic and counterintuitive effect," said Sanchez-Ramos, a University of South Florida neuroscientist.

"I joked that the animals must have been mislabeled or that the power wasn't switched on."

Cell Phones Provide Protective Radiation?

The primary culprits in Alzheimer's disease—which is marked by dementia and cognitive decline—appear to be sticky brain deposits known as beta amyloid plaques, which can build up between nerve cells.

In the experiment, scientists examined the effects of cell phone radiation on 96 mice that were genetically engineered to develop beta amyloid plaques and thus Alzheimer's-like symptoms. The mice normally developed the first signs of the disease around 6 months. By 8 months they were already experiencing cognitive declines.

Both the Alzheimer's-prone mice and normal mice were then exposed to cell phone-level microwave radiation for two one-hour periods daily for seven to nine months.

The study found that if cell phone exposure began before the genetically engineered mice started showing signs of Alzheimer's, they were less likely to develop symptoms later on in life.

These mice performed as well on memory and thinking-skills tests as normal mice without Alzheimer's. For instance, the mice were given a cognitive interference task that tested their ability to remember something after an interruption. The team also put the mice through a three-armed Y maze, which measures basic memory function.

Furthermore, the genetically engineered mice that were exposed to the cell phone radiation after they had already begun to show cognitive deficits generally saw their memory impairment disappear after several months of the radiation exposure.

Of Mice and Men and Alzheimer's

No one knows how the radiation protects against Alzheimer's, but the team has some ideas.

One is that the microwaves create cellular stress in the brain, and that the stress jump-starts DNA repair mechanisms in the brain.

For instance, scientists already know that "minor insults" such as toxic substances or low oxygen will improve the brain's ability to repair damage to proteins and DNA, Sanchez-Ramos said.

However he cautioned that the experiment was not "a perfect replication of cell phone use in humans."

For instance, the lab mice were exposed to cell phone radiation over their entire bodies—not just to their heads.

"It's an interesting finding and perhaps it could be translated somehow to a human test," said David Knopman, an Alzheimer's expert at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

But he also urged caution against assuming the findings would apply to humans.

"What goes on in mice may not have anything to do with people," said Knopman, who did not participate in the study.

"This animal model of Alzheimer's is useful, but there's still many questions about whether it's ultimately valid [to humans] or not."

That's because Alzheimer's disease does not manifest itself in the same way in humans, said George Perry, an Alzheimer's expert at the University of Texas, San Antonio, who was not involved directly with the research.

"In most people, the development of amyloid plaques is related to the aging process—not because they're genetically modified," Perry said.

Not All Bad?

Nevertheless, the "pretty dramatic" research raises the possibility that health effects of cell phone radiation are not all harmful, added Perry, who is also editor in chief of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, in which the January 6 study was published.

How, cell phone radiation affects humans—if it all—is currently a topic of intense debate.

Some scientists, for instance, claim that cell phones can lead to increased risks of brain cancer. Such concerns have led the U.S. state of Maine to consider requiring that cell phones carry warning labels.

The new study, though, "puts the debate in a perspective where we need to consider a broad range of effects of cell phone radiation," Perry said.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Beautiful Prayer

I asked God to take away my habit.
God said, No.
It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.
God said, No.
His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary

I asked God to grant me patience.
God said, No.
Patience is a byproduct of tribulations;
it isn't granted, it is learned.

I asked God to give me happiness.
God said, No.
I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you.

I asked God to spare me pain.
God said, No.
Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares
and brings you closer to Me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow.
God said, No.
You must grow on your own! ,
but I will prune you to make you fruitful.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life.
God said, No.
I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Awas, Stress Bisa Membuat Sel Otak Mati!!

Anda yang sering mengalami stres patut waspada terhadap kemampuan otak yang menurun. Pasalnya stres berlebihan akan membuat sel-sel baru di otak mati. Demikian menurut hasil riset yang dipublikasikan dalam Journal of Neuroscience di Inggris.

Dalam penelitian terhadap tikus percobaan, para ilmuwan dari Universitas Rosalind Franklin, Inggris, menemukan adanya penurunan sel pada hippocampus, tepatnya di area otak yang berfungsi untuk proses mengingat, belajar dan emosi.

Hippocampus adalah bagian dari otak yang terdiri dari dua area yang akan terus menumbuhkan sel-sel syaraf sepanjang hidup, baik pada manusia atau tikus.

Menurut tim peneliti, penurunan jumlah sel pada hippocampus ini terjadi kerena depresi. Namun matinya sel-sel ini tidak langsung terjadi pada saat seseorang mengalami stres melainkan satu hari kemudian.

Dalam risetnya, tim peneliti meletakkan tikus kecil bersama dengan dua tikus dewasa dalam kandang selama 20 menit. Tikus dewasa ini bersifat menguasai dan mengganggu si tikus kecil. Akibatnya, hormon stres dalam tubuh tikus ini meningkat tujuh kali lipat dibandingkan dengan tikus yang hanya berada di kandang sendirian.

Dari hasil analisa mikroskop terhadap jaringan otak diketahui tingginya hormon stres menyebabkan kemampuan perkembangan sel baru di hippocampus berkurang. Hasil ini sekaligus menyangkal teori sebelumnya yang mengatakan hormon stress akan mengembangkan pertumbuhan sel baru.

Menanggapi hasil riset ini, Profesor David Kendall dari Universitas Nottingham mengatakan memang stres yang berkepanjangan akan menyebabkan pertumbuhan sel syaraf di hippocampus menjadi lambat. Tapi menurutnya, stres ringan justru bermanfaat positif untuk tubuh.


Sunday, June 29, 2008


The warm feeling
The tears that get wiped
The hug that holds you tight
That is family

The tearless nights
The everyday smiles
The echoed laughs
That is family

The helpful advice
The ending fights
The endless talks
That is family

The waking sunshine
The sleepy sunset
The bright faces
That is family

The amazing voices
The wrong choices
Directed to the right direction
That is family

Family is all around us!

PS. For my new family, welcome.. ^^

Family First

Friends may come and friends may go
Family is first and this I know
Putting friends first is a mistake
And not one that you should make

Family’s forever and this I know
Friends enter your life and then they go
Making friends is fun trust me with this
But not something you would miss

Love your family while they are here
Keep their love very near
Family can leave the world at any time
So don’t make yourself feel like slime

Family is here to comfort you
I know your friends do this too
Without your family you would be lost
Hold on to them no matter the cost

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard of it.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.
Do not believe in tradition because they have been handed down for many generations.
But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason
and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all,
then accept it and live up to it.